Good News Story: Bay City Group

Founded in 2012, Bay City Group is a small water blasting and high-pressure cleaning business located in Norlane run by owner Tony Nadjovski. They primarily work for domestic construction sites and commercial sites from time to time, focusing on acid washing bricks but extending to concrete pathing and driveways.

Tony and his wife Aimee Nadjovski are born and bred locals from Norlane and Corio that understand the difficulties faced by many in these GROW target postcodes including the effects COVID-19 has had to employment opportunities and job security during the past 2 years.

Bay City Group joined GROW in 2020 and has since put on two long term unemployed workers through Matchworks and personal connections.

I was born and raised in the 3214 postcode, I’m aware of the hardships and the opportunities to be had… One of our workers was COVID-displaced for over six months, the other just got stuck in the cycle of long-term unemployment… Both just needed a chance. Over twelve months later and they’re both working strong.’- Tony Nadjovski owner of Bay City Group.

The COVID-19 pandemic has exaggerated existing inequalities and contributed to the rise in long term unemployment due to economic disruptions associated with continuous lockdowns.

The social and economic consequences of long-term unemployment increase the longer a person is unemployed and often a stigma is placed on people who struggle to find a job. Not only does it place financial stress on the individual but also on their families and communities affected.

The GROW initiative works towards promoting inclusion and giving people opportunities where others may have not. Bay City Group is a perfect example of how workplaces can integrate these values into their businesses. Not only does this reduce the stress related to unemployment to the individual, but the support it can provide to a local community is invaluable.

Tony has seen firsthand the value in employing people in these types of difficult situations and wants to increase capacity to employ more long-term unemployed people. He says the next step is to increase regularity of work with more ongoing commercial commitments that allow a recurring contract. With this security, the business will be able to increase capacity within their staffing. They currently employ five staff but hope to be able to expand this soon.

Tony says, “If we had a shopping centre for example that needed cleaning on a regular basis that commercial commitment would allow me to employ yet another long-term unemployed person.”

The Give Where You Live Foundation’s mission is to create a fairer, more inclusive community. This includes creating equal access to employment opportunities for all in our community. GROW is one way the Foundation helps do this.

Learn more about GROW here.