Good News Story: Rendine Construction & Inclusive Employment Pathways

Rendine Constructions is at the forefront of modular construction in our region with their purpose-built Moolap facility innovatively challenging typical construction methods.

But that’s not the only thing Rendine Construction is at the forefront of.

The GROW pillar ‘Spend Local’ is woven into the business’s culture, favouring the engagement of local architects, suppliers, subcontractors, and employees.

As a part of their GROW Action Plan, Rendine Construction had initially included a partnership with Transition to Work, with a focus on young people for potential work experience. 

So when, Glenn Robertson, a former Loaned Executive for the Give Where You Live Foundation and current Headstart coordinator for the Barwon Region reached out to Michael Thornton, General Manager, he knew their commitment to the community would come in handy.

Headstart is about school-based apprenticeships and traineeships at state schools, supporting the student beyond secondary school until completion of a Cert III qualification – ie. apprenticeship or traineeship. This support can last up to five years. 

I met Rendine originally as part of the Loaned Executive Program for Give Where You Live Foundation and was impressed by their positive business culture. I drive past their Modularity factory every day, and so contacted Michael again to talk about the opportunity to give a young person some skills,” says Glenn.

Knowing about their commitment to their community through their workplace giving program, association with GROW, and preference to “Spend Local,” Glenn presented Michael and the team at Rendine with the opportunity to engage Aden, a Year 11 VCAL student in a hands-on ‘structured work placement’ in carpentry.

“While our Modularity factory doesn’t use timber frames, the construction principles are fundamental and transferable knowledge for anyone learning. We were keen to give this young man the opportunity to have exposure to a worksite, to support his learning and further his opportunities to gain employment,” says Michael.

Aden completed 15 ‘structured work placements’ with Rendine Constructions, build both his knowledge and his experience. It is early work experiences like these that build confidence, teach vital skills, and prepare high-school-aged people for the next phase of their lives. For many students, the post-high-school years can be daunting with their lack of structure and a transition period into a world of their own choosing, so programs like these help to build confidence early on. 

“Initially it was just for 10 weeks, but Aden was keen for more experience and learning, so Rendine agreed to extend to 20 weeks. Having this work experience on Aden’s resume and having a professional referee to talk about his work and his attitude is immensely helpful to Aden’s pathway for employment. He is that much more employable now … employers like Rendine can make the world of difference to giving someone a headstart!” 

To learn how you can make a difference in your community through inclusive employment and spending locally and socially, check out the GROW website.