Still haven’t donated to the Foundation’s EOFY Appeal? Here’s some reasons why you should!

It’s donors like you who a creating a more equitable and fairer G21 region and we’re all only becoming better for it.

If you haven’t donated to the EOFY Appeal yet, here’s some added inspiration to get you in the giving mood!


  1. It’s EOFY and donating through the Give Where You Live Foundation is tax-deductible!

This tax time maximise your return with a tax-deductible donation to a DGR status charity – that’s the Give Where You Live Foundation!

Not all charities have a DGR status, so therefore not all donations are tax-deductible, so if you’re looking for a way to give back to your community (and give to your own back pocket!) consider a donation through the Foundation.

Any donation over $2 receives a tax receipt and is, therefore, tax-deductible – making your donation work harder for you! Check with your tax advisor or look at the ATO website for more information! 


  1. Your donations contributed to over $2.6 million being back into your community in the 2019-2020 financial year – including $1.65 million in grants!

Isn’t it amazing what happens when we all come together? Not only did all of that money come from your generous donations, but it saw real results within the community.

The grants produced incredible impacts across the community, including helping equip 12,235 youth with improved life skills and education, supporting 13,281 people experiencing a life crisis, and improving early years education for 1,370 children. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg-  check out our Impact Report for a full rundown! 


  1. We are about to give out even more grants!

Oh yes, we’re just wrapping up our Survive & Thrive Grants and we couldn’t be more excited to show you how your donations are working in the community to help the G21 region survive and thrive!

This year your donations will be funding grants to charities and front-line organisations that support local livers through life crises including food insecurity, social isolation, and homelessness (just to name a few!). Your donations are making real changes to real people’s lives


  1. Because you can’t brag to your friends if you don’t donate

If you donate to the Foundation’s EOFY Appeal, you can share this on social media and enjoy some of the social media superiority that comes with a charitable donation.

But, hey, we reckon you should brag away! Your donations are changing the community and changing lives!

In fact, we’ve made it that much easier for you – click here to download a social media post to share once you’ve made your donation to the EOFY Appeal!


  1. All of your donations go directly back to the G21 region!

That’s why we’re called the Give Where You Live Foundation – because we do just that! Isn’t so nice to get some truth in advertising nowadays?

Investing in the G21 region is our passion, and we can’t do it without support from you, our donors. We’re all in this together to create a community that supports each other.

So, whether you’ve got $5 or $500 it’s the combined contributions of all of you that really help create a stronger community.


Donate now, to help pad your tax return, to brag on social media, and to help support your community.