The Give Where You Live Foundations Survive and Thrive Grant Round is NOW OPEN

The Foundation’s Survive and Thrive outcome areas seek to increase support to reduce life inhibiting crisis, by supporting immediate basic needs and supporting the building of resilience and sense of belonging and acceptance as protective factors.    These outcome areas recognise the need to meet both immediate basic needs so people can survive and build resilience so they can thrive.


Applications will be accepted in the following areas:


1. Food Insecurity– supporting the provision of food relief for people experiencing food insecurity.

2. Homelessness – supporting people who are experiencing homelessness.


1. Prevention and early intervention – supporting prevention and early intervention efforts relating to family violence, sexual assault, addiction, mental health, and family breakdown.

2. Building Resilience – supporting increased capacity and coping strategies to support resilience.

3. Community Connections – through promoting community connections and reducing social isolation.

Grant Amounts, Time Frames, and Online Application
The maximum grant request in this grant round is $40,000.
All grants are non-recurrent and will be the 12 month period of 1July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

Applications will be accepted until 5.00pm on Thursday, 29 April 2021.

Grantee Information Session
The Survive & Thrive Grant Information Session that includes information on the current grant round, key outcomes areas, and measures and a summary of how the grant guidelines have changed can be viewed here and the PowerPoint slides can be viewed here .


Additional Information and Online Application
All information including eligibility and the online Grant Application Form can be found on the Foundation’s website by clicking here 

Further Questions?
Should you require further information please contact
Jenny Speed, Community Impact and Grants Coordinator – Survive & Thrive
E:    Ph: 0370 365 164    M: 0425 814 649