Reducing Youth Homelessness

It’s estimated that across the Geelong region, approximately 5.9% of students are at risk of becoming homeless (The Geelong  Project).
Debbie’s Place, Bellarine aims to reduce this statistic by providing a home to Year 11 and 12 girls on the Bellarine who have moved out of home due to circumstances beyond their control.


With a live-in manager who supports the girls in all aspects of life including education, wellbeing, and development of skills needed for independence.  Debbie’s Place ensures these young students can complete their schooling and are well equipped to take the next steps in life.

Thanks to your donations, Debbie’s Place received a $30,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation to assist with expenses that accompany the provision of this safe and supportive environment for the girls.

According to De

bbie’s Place, this grant changed the future of the project. It has enabled them to continue to support three young women who have had a stressful year in 2020. Not only due to COVID but also choosing to leave their family to move into the home takes and an incredible amount of courage. This is a big decision for a young woman to make.

Debbie’s Place first resident Sam moved into the home at the beginning of the year. Before leaving her family, she experienced abuse and neglect. With the support of her school, she chose to remove herself. Her grades and attendance were low, and she struggled with her mental health. Self-harm, suicidal thoughts, and eating disorders were common for her. Since moving into our home, she has been able to cope with school and manage her mental health with the support of our live-in manager. She has got a job as a local florist, which is an area she wants to pursue her career. When asked about her family, she states “Debbie’s Place is my family”. She has shown an incredible amount of resilience and progress this year.   The Give Where You Live Foundation is so proud to be part of this story.