Clean – after a decade of substance abuse

Today, at 23 years of age, Caitlyn will be clean of all substances after almost a decade of addiction.

Over the past year, Caitlyn has taken part in ‘The Power in You’, a support program run by Community Veracity to help those experiencing addition with their recovery journey.

Having struggled with mental health issues and a drug dependency throughout her teens, Caitlyn’s journey has been years of struggle for both her and her family.

Sometimes I would come to the program for a week then fall back into old habits; and return three weeks later. I was always clean in the morning when came to the program, but not by the afternoon when I was back at home. 

I got to the point where I realised something had to change and I was willing to do anything to stop, I knew I had to give it a shot.”

While completing a rehabilitation program with a friend, she learnt about ‘The Power in You’ program. “Most programs have time limits, either a day or even eight weeks. ‘The Power in You’ is different, I liked that other people in the group understood what I was going through because they all have been through something similar.”

Thanks to your donations, a $20,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation assists ‘The Power in You’ to build the resilience of individuals, who are struggling with substance abuse issues through counselling, wellbeing activities and support groups.

Open to those who have completed either intensive day or residential rehabilitation programs and within its first year, the program assisted over 50 people within our region on their journey to recovery.

“A year ago, everything was different. Now, my relationship with my mum is stronger and I’m back living with her. And after many years I’ve also reconnected with my dad – he even bought me my first car.  Having my own car gives me freedom. Getting out and going for a drive is a good distraction for when things start to get tough again.”

To create a bond for those part of the support group, the ‘Power in You’ program undertakes walks, gym sessions with a Personal Trainer, bowling and goal setting.

For the final part of her recovery, Caitlyn will detox from Suboxone a prescribed drug to help with heroin addiction and is hoping to take part in some volunteering opportunities. “I’d like to give back and help others.” she says.

Above: Caitlyn with The Power in You Project director Kane.