Adequate fresh and nutritious food for those in need

With thanks to your donations, Geelong Food Relief Centre is improving food security across our community by providing adequate fresh, nutritious and relevant food to vulnerable individuals and families in need.

A $20,000 Grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation supports improved access to nutritious meals, particularly pre-prepared frozen meals by increasing capacity to store frozen meals in a new freezer at the Centre’s North Geelong mini-mart.

By supporting the operational costs of Geelong Food Relief Centre, this has allowed the foodbank to indirectly assist 36,500 individuals in need of emergency food relief such as Tiff.

Finding it increasingly difficult to pay her bills and living expenses as well as purchase healthy food, Tiff was referred to the Geelong Food Relief Centre after seeking help from the Salvation Army three years ago.

For the Geelong Food Relief Centre, it is important to provide their guests with an abundance of choice to ensure that they are given an opportunity to enter a dignified, compassionate and clean environment as well as satisfy all emergency food requirements.

With a wide range of healthy and nutritious food available at the Geelong Food Relief Centre mini-mart, Tiff enjoys being able to select her groceries as well as selecting freshly prepared frozen meals which are donated to GFRC by Tulip Restaurant on a weekly basis.

For Tiff, to be able to visit the Geelong Food Relief Centre from time to time ensures she is able to provide healthy food for herself and family until she’s able to get back on her feet financially.


*Not her real name