Improving school readiness for children through the arts

Through arts-based community programs, children living in the 3214 postcode are becoming better prepared for kindergarten and school.

Thanks to your donations, a $30,000 grant allows Bluebird Foundation to provide a learning environment for both parent and child that supports child development, family relationships and links play experiences to the school environment.

Bluebird Foundation’s PlayLinks Program operates weekly for children aged up to 5 years old and supports parents to develop their capacity as their child’s first and most important teacher, as well as build their confidence to engage meaningfully with formal educational settings. This two-fold approach has been popular with families including one mother who enjoys having a strong, supportive network.

For me, PlayLinks is a place where I can connect with likeminded, local mums, where I know my kids are safe and happy while I get some much needed adult conversation.

Being a local group means I have so many mums willing to help in any way they can just around the corner. The fact that it is free is so important to someone who lives week to week, it means that no matter how bad a week I’m having, the kids don’t miss out.

For my boys, PlayLinks is an opportunity to play, socialise and learn (without realising they’re doing it). They have made some wonderful, true friends at such young ages. The structure of PlayLinks provides them with stability in a sometimes crazy life, having a set routine is also preparing them for kinder, school and beyond.”