“Employment is a key trigger for leaving disadvantage….”*

Understanding the critical barriers to getting and keeping a quality job will  facilitate access to work for disadvantaged jobseekers.

Our initiative GROW has facilitated a partnership with local Jobs Victoria providers, Whitelion, Whittington Works Alliance, Northern Futures and the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Colac Jobs Victoria Office, to undertake research to better understand the real barriers many people in our target areas experience in getting and keeping a job.

The research highlighted that having a supportive work environment, backed by individual support provided by employment services, can make the critical difference to someone getting and keeping a job.

These partners are working together to build on this research to inform employers of approaches they can use to become more accessible and inclusive.

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*   Deep and Persistent Disadvantage in Australia, Australian Government, 2013
1   SA1 level data – smaller than suburbs areas
2   SEIFA – Index relative Socio-Economic Disadvantage
3   Roy Morgan Research, 2017