Supporting Independence for People with Disabilities

Through your donations Solve Disability Solutions has been able to support people with disabilities in being more independent. Solve is a not-for-profit organisation whose technical volunteers make or modify equipment for people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met commercially. Solve improves the quality of life of people with disabilities and those assisting them, by increasing their independence and providing them with the opportunity to pursue their goals at home, school, work and at leisure.

Solve’s Barwon branch provides custom made equipment for people with disabilities in the Geelong region. Through a $15,000 grant the Barwon Branch Project Coordinator has been able to provide more input and support to Solve volunteers in their project work, ensuring the Barwon Branch was able to offer a higher quality service to a larger number of people with disabilities, including clients like James.

Parkinson’s Disease has curtailed much of James’ mobility, making his electric scooter a vital aid to getting out and about. James’ limited shoulder and arm endurance meant the scooter’s horizontal handles caused pain in his forearms when he drove his scooter long distances. The accelerator levers, located on either side of the steering control panel, were also too small to grasp and operate properly.

Solve’s Project Coordinator and a volunteer from the Barwon branch mounted new vertical handles to the original handlebars and raised and extended the length of the accelerator levers to make them easier to reach and operate. James gave his modified scooter the green light after a successful test drive at home. Thanks to Solve’s innovative solution, James will now be able to travel a lot further afield.