Your Donations at Work

Give Where You Live is proud to support Bellerine Living & Learning Centre through a $30,000 grant to strengthen the organisation’s ability to improve the food security of Whittington community members through the review and enhancement of the Food Provision Program.

Bellarine Living and Learning Centre (BLLC) is a Neighbourhood House situated in Whittington. BLLC Inc aims to be responsive to and responsible for providing the community we serve with the services, information, further education, support, empowerment and other oAdelepportunities they require to enhance various aspects of family and individual life. As Whittington is a SEIFA decile 1 area of disadvantage and increasing in food insecurity, BLLC have used the $30K ‘Survive and Thrive’ grant from Give Where You Live to safeguard the future of our Foodbank by employing a worker to ensure this project remains sustainable.

The impact of this grant for the community has been substantial.

‘Adele’ a local who’s 8 ½ months pregnant and has a 7year old son,  suffers depression, anxiety and agoraphobia. Adele now comes into BLLC every morning to enjoy a hot Milo and utilise the Foodbank which helps supplement her income. Having the Foodbank service at BLLC has also helped her to not only get out of the house, but to now socialise with the staff and community members. Adele also attends the free community lunch each Monday.

Adele says, “Being able to access food before payday has been a Godsend to me and my son”. When things in her life get really tough Adele now has the confidence to come into BLLC and talk to the staff and be able to ask for assistance. This has all been due to having access to a Foodbank at BLLC.