Your donations at work

Thanks to your donations Give Where You Live supports Urban Seed with a $30,000 grant to increase food security in Geelong.

Sarah has been part of the Urban Seed Longroom community in Norlane for only a bit over a month, but already she seems part of the furniture. Sarah is a very community-minded person who has been involved in a lot of volunteer work over the years.

Sarah travels in from Lara and visits Urban Seed once a fortnight, depending on whether there is enough fuel in the car. She often joins the community on a Monday night for dinner with her son. Sarah also comes in on some Wednesdays for lunch and to do her bit for the People’s Pantry food cooperative.

The People’s Pantry is a great help because Sarah has to pay so much in rent. “It takes the edge off buying shopping sometimes,” she says. “If you run out of milk, it’s available. The assortment of food varies from week to week, but what’s there you can always use.” Members pay $10 per 6 months in order to become a co-op member, and also volunteer a few times. In return members have access to an array of groceries.

Apart from all the work Sarah does in the community, she is also a writer. Sarah has written a book and is currently working on some children’s stories. She hopes to start a creative writing group in her local area soon, because there are so many people out there who love writing. “You don’t have to be published to be a writer!” she says.

Give Where You Live has contributed $30,000 towards Urban Seed’s Food Security Coordinator position, which is integral for all of these food-related programs.