Your donations at work

Your donations have enabled Give Where You Live to provide $40,000 to dal Cafe & Catering to strengthen dal’s vocational training and employment program for young adults with disabilities. dal is an award-winning social enterprise that has supported hundreds of people with disabilities over 24 years of service in Geelong. dal’s Transition to Employment Training Program takes school leavers through a vocational training program to develop skills in hospitality and become work ready prior to placement into supported or open employment.

The purchase of a van to support dal operations and the training program enables dal participants to develop confidence and work skills in preparation for transition to employment. The van has also been put to good use in helping dal to give back to the broader community by participating in Soup Kitchen Thursdays, as part of Give Where You Live’s Feed Geelong Appeal throughout October.

Alen Beslagic is a participant in dal’s transition to employment program. In addition to completing a kitchen operations course at The Gordon, Alen receives on-the-job training in dal’s café and catering kitchen at Little Ryrie Street, where he continues to develop his skills in meal preparation and customer service. Alen has been involved in Soup Kitchen Thursdays for the past 2 years. When asked about his involvement in the appeal Alen said: “I really loved the whole thing. It was great.”