Your donations at work

Give Where You Live is proud to support the work of Urban Seed through a $30,000 grant supporting food security in Norlane.  This funding allows participants of The Long Room Community to work together and serve over 150 meals per week and redistribute thousands of dollars of food weekly through the Peoples Pantry food cooperative.  With soaring costs for healthy and nutritious food, especially for families, The Longroom Community meets a tangible need in the neighbourhood.

Based on the premise that everybody needs a place to belong, Urban Seed seeks to support a growing network of people who care for one another, share life and find ways to serve others in their neighbourhood.

Peter* reflects on what Urban Seed’s Long Room Program means to him

“I hope the friendships I’ve made at Urban Seed stay with me for ever.  You are very special people and you all spread love and generosity to others through food, friendship and willingness to care for one another.”

Peter has experienced a range of challenges in life, from social isolation, health problems and financial issues connected with his disabilities. He originally came to Urban Seed for a free meal but also gained a growing network of friends and supports. He now regularly volunteers in the team to cook for over 60 people on Monday dinners and helps out at Kids Club as a Junior Leader.  Peter  not only is cared for; now is learning how to care for others.  Improved food security has led to a range of other securities in life that have given him a sense of belonging and – most importantly – value.

* Not real name