Volunteering Geelong

Through your donations Give Where You Live is proud to support Volunteering Geelong to help facilitate opportunities for volunteering in our region.

The program helps build the capacity of organisations to develop and manage volunteer programs and develop strategies and innovations to further enhance and promote the role and importance of volunteering in Geelong.

There are many factors motivating people to volunteer; making a difference, filling in time, developing skills for work, being involved in the community and meeting new people.  At Volunteering Geelong. Volunteer Information Officers listen with care and direct and guide people to suitable volunteer roles.

Behind the scenes, Volunteering Geelong is involved in a wide range of activities supporting volunteering in our region.  Give Where You Live funding supports this important work, enhancing community involvement, inclusion and connectivity.   Examples include:

  • Development and delivery of programs meeting community needs such as Emergency Volunteer Management (creating a pool of trained volunteer managers to support disasters)
  • Bite Size Volunteering (short term, project based flexible volunteering opportunities)
  • Step by Step Volunteer Mentor program (supporting people with a disability into volunteering)
  • Creation of a low cost (often free) training opportunities for Volunteers and Volunteer Leaders
  • Representation on national steering committees reviewing the National Standards for Involving Volunteers and reviewing the definition of volunteering.
  • Creation of a Community Hub at the old St Mary’s Primary School which will provide facilities for community organisations, and our new home, in the not too distant future.

Just imagine a world without volunteers and you quickly realise just how important volunteering is for our community.