Dabble ‘n’ Dance

Through your donations Give Where You Live is proud to support BlueBird Foundations ‘Dabble ‘n’ Dance’ Program, a weekly arts-based group session for young parents and children in the 3214 postcode.

Sessions include rich visual art experiences as well as singing, dancing and playing instruments. Through the magical world of the arts, parents are supported in exploring positive ways of interacting with their children and develop skills and ideas to take into their everyday parenting at home. Dabble ‘n’ Dance is delivered by skilled and experienced Arts practitioners and early childhood teachers from Bluebird Foundation and is supported by a Northern Bay College youth worker. Bluebird Foundation received a $12,800 grant to allow 20 parents and children to attend Dabble ‘n’ Dance on a weekly basis.

Over the five-year history of the program, the group of families attending has certainly changed as children grow up and start school and parents return to study and employment. What has not changed is the weekly enthusiasm and motivation to attend the program – many families have attendance rates higher than 80% across a time span of two or more years.

“Maddy talks about ‘Dabble ‘n’ Dance’ all week and can’t wait ‘til it’s Tuesday so we can go have fun singing and doing crafts. We love the familiar, friendly atmosphere and great learning experiences.”

Bluebird Foundation is dedicated to making quality arts programs accessible for all. The organisation aims to work with communities to identify and overcome barriers that prevent children, youth and families from accessing quality arts programs. It is their dream that every child, youth and adult share in the joy and benefits of the arts.