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G21 Opportunities for Work (GROW)

In response to the growing employment challenges facing the region Give Where You Live has teamed up with G21 to establish the GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) project.

GROW’s origins go back to 2011 when the G21 Board commissioned its Addressing Disadvantage Taskforce to examine models for addressing disadvantage across the region.

GROW aims to address joblessness in identified disadvantaged locations in the Geelong region. GROW utilises an innovative Collective Impact framework to guide many stakeholders’ efforts working together to create new ‘jobs’ and investment opportunities to tackle the known correlation between unemployment and disadvantage. Click here to view Addressing Disadvantage in the G 21 Region document.

GROW is an ambitious ground breaking multi-level strategic approach. Give Where You Live has committed over $2 million over 10 years.

GROW this year also received $100,000 from the state’s Regional Growth Fund, to be matched by Give Where You Live, and G21 on behalf of its five member councils. The funds will develop a business plan focusing on increasing local employment through procurement processes, growing small-to-medium business and helping people into work from areas of high unemployment.

A Regional Fund has been established for the GROW project with the Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal (FRRR).

The Alcoa Foundation has also granted $300,000 to Give Where You Live towards the GROW Project.

GROW is a practical, bold, exciting and challenging project that complements other good works being done across the region.This project will prove its worth over coming months and years.

GROW was one of the eleven shortlisted Collective Impact projects in the SEARCH – a million dollar capacity building project recongising the most promising Collective Impact initiatives across Australian communities working to address society’s biggest challenges.

Click here to find out more via the GROW website.

A great on air piece on ABC774 with Cameron Best and Jon Faine  listen here http://bit.ly/1PSqlHf