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About the Give Where You Live Foundation

The Give Where You Live Foundation exists to address one of the most complex and entrenched social issues across our region – disadvantage.

Since 1954 the Foundation has been working together with our partners to build better communities by delivering our won programs and providing grants to partner organisations working to deliver programs to address the effects of disadvantage on our community’s most vulnerable people.


A G21 region where all people are part of an inclusive and connected community and not limited by the effects of disadvantage.


We are a catalyst for social change through innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging social problems. We engage donors and build partnerships; undertake best practice grant making and provide visionary leadership to create common agendas.


Integrity We are committed to being honest, respectful, consistent, and ethical in our behaviour, relationships and work.

Accountability We are accountable to our supporters, partners, and the Geelong Community. We take responsibility for the stewardship of the funds we raise and will ensure our actions and reporting are transparent.

Excellence We strive to be the best we can be in all activities we undertake. Consistently questioning our service standards will help us achieve our ambition of continuous improvement.

Diversity We embrace the diverse nature of the Geelong community. We encourage new ideas and value all opinions as this will better inform our work and increase our connectedness to the Geelong region.

Innovation  Innovation will be a key factor in our success. We will constantly strive for improved, efficient, and effective methods of completing our work, engaging our partners and communicating with the community.

Passion We are passionate about our work, creating sustainable improvement in people’s lives, and supporting the Geelong community.


The organisation we now know as the Give Where You Live Foundation was initially formed in 1954 as the Geelong and District Community Chest, having three major objectives:

  1. To raise funds to be held and used in accordance with the directions and intentions of the donors
  2. To disburse these funds either directly or by contributions to organisations to provide relief to diseased, infirm, incurable, poor or destitute persons
  3. To “assist in harmonising and making more efficient the work of charitable, philanthropic, eleemosynary and benevolent organisations of Geelong and District.”

In 1979, United Way Australia was formed and between 1979 and 1983 The Geelong Community Chest and United Way Australia’s relationship grew. In 1983, the Geelong and District Community Chest officially changed its name to United Way Geelong Incorporated. This change signified a major milestone in the history of the organisation.

The affiliation with United Way Australia and United Way World Wide gave The Geelong Community Chest great access to fundraising expertise, new programs and international resources. United Way Geelong established itself quickly as a major part of the United Way Australia organisation and while continuing to operate autonomously for the Geelong region, it grew to eventually represent close to 40% of United Way Australia’s income. The partnership and affiliation was a great success and United Way Geelong grew over this period with the annual campaign surpassing $3million.

2010 saw the beginning of yet another major change. United Way World Wide decided that they would only deal with one country body. This meant that United Way Australia would change its model to a more federated operation rather than unique and discreet organisations working in cooperation. Under the new federated model, local autonomy and fundraising would be threatened.

As a result, United Way Geelong dis-affiliated from United Way in late 2010 to ensure that it would always remain Geelong focused and all the funds raised in our region would remain in our region. Give Where You Live Incorporated was launched in February 2011.

Our Board

Our Board

Give Where You Live is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors, representative of a cross section of…

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Our Staff

Our Staff

The Give Where You Live Foundation is led by Chief Executive Officer Bill Mithen, with the support of…

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Give Where You Live Branding

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The Give…

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Annual Impact Report

Annual Impact Report


The Give Where You Live Foundation exists to build a fairer community across the wider Geelong /…

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Theory of Change

Theory of Change

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