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Survive and Thrive

Early and preventative intervention can help people and families build resilience over time. However there is also a need to support families when they are in crisis. Evidence suggests that:

“Meeting basic economic needs like food, shelter, clothing and health care is essential for families to thrive. Likewise when families encounter a crisis such as domestic / family violence, mental illness or substance abuse, adequate services and supports need to be in place to provide stability, treatment and help for family members to get through the crisis.” – Centre for Study of Social Policy, 2012

It is also the case that strong social and community connection can act as a protective factor when people are in crisis. “Being socially connected is not only influential for psychological and emotional well-being but is also has a significant and positive influence on physical well-being and overall longevity.” – Loneliness & Social Isolation as Risk Factors for Mortality, Perspectives on Psychological Science, Holt-Lundstad et al., 2015

The Foundation’s Survive and Thrive program seeks to reduce the impact of life crisis as an inhibiting factor for those living in the wider Geelong region. Specifically, the Foundation will accept applications related to the following focus areas:

  1. Supporting Basic Need – supporting men, women and children who are experiencing homelessness or food insecurity.
  2. Building Resilience – supporting prevention and early intervention efforts related to family violence and sexual assault, addiction, mental health, and family breakdown.
  3. Promoting Community Connections – reducing social isolation and supporting social participation to promote resilience. Please note the only Grant Round you may apply under to impact this focus area is the Community Connections Grant Round.


The following Grant Rounds are available related to this Program Area:

Grant Round Summary Status Key Dates
Community Grants Provides grants to support the community service sector and includes support for service delivery (up to $30,000), organisational capacity building (up to $30,000), and capital works and equipment (up to $10,000) Grant Round is currently closed Further Grant Round dates are to be confirmed
Feed Geelong Grants Provides grants to the greater Geelong regions Food Assistance Network Grant Round currently closed Grant round will open on Tuesday 25 August and closing Thursday 24 September 2020
Community Connections Grants Provides grants of up to $10,000 to help reduce social isolation and/or support social participation of vulnerable community members to promote resilience Grant Round opening soon Grant Round will open on Tuesday 11 August and closing Thursday 10 September 2020.