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Live and Learn

In Australia research has consistently highlighted the links between education, school completion, and positive outcomes in a range of life indicators – from health, to employment, to housing stability:

“The research shows a clear and persistent relationship between socio-economic status and educational outcomes in Australia across all the milestones. While Australia’s highest-achieving students are among the best in the world, the vast differences in educational opportunity across socio-economic groups challenge Australia’s claims of an education system that is fair and competitive by international standards. Socio-economic disadvantage has a greater impact on educational opportunity than any other factor. Differences in outcomes are compounded by differences in access to educational services. Socio-economically disadvantaged students attend fewer hours of early childhood education, have lower attendance at school, are more likely to leave school early, and are less likely to go to university. The effects of socio-economic disadvantage persist well beyond school, reflected in higher chances of not finding full-time work and not being in education and training.” – Educational Opportunities in Australia, The Mitchell Institute, 2015

The Foundation’s Live and Learn program seeks to support the learning aspirations for ALL children and young people in the G21 region. Specifically in the Live and Learn program the Foundation will accept applications related to the following focus areas:

  1. Parent Engagement – recognising the importance and supporting the role parents play in their child’s learning
  2. Early Years Learning – supporting and enhancing children’s learning age 0-5 and ensuring they are ready to enter school
  3. Transitions – ensuring that children and young people experience successful transitions that support their learning
  4. Disengaged Young People – supporting young people to re-engage in learning to support their life aspirations


The following Grant Rounds are available related to this Program Area:

Grant Round Summary Status Key Dates
Community Grants Provides grants to support the community service sector and includes support for service delivery (up to $30,000), organisational capacity building (up to $30,000), and capital works and equipment (up to $10,000). Grant Round is currently closed further Grant Round dates are to be advised