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Live and Earn

The strong relationship between unemployment and disadvantage is well established in economic and social policy research. Further, employment has been shown to offer a significant pathway out of disadvantage, (though the journey may not be an easy one).

“Employment is a key trigger for leaving disadvantage… But while paid employment can be a route out of a state of disadvantage, it does not guarantee an absence of recurrent disadvantage as some jobs, particularly low-skilled jobs, are low-paid and hours of available work not assured. Living in a job-poor household is experienced by more people, and appears to be more likely to be long term than joblessness.” – Deep and Persistent Disadvantage in Australia, Australian Government, 2013

The evidence suggests that it is ‘quality’ jobs, that is, jobs with a living wage, opportunities for training and progression and jobs that offer more than casual hours are key to ensuring that employment creates a pathway out of disadvantage.

The Foundation’s Live and Learn program seeks to ensure sustainable and sustaining employment for ALL in the G21 region. Specifically, the Foundation will accept applications related to the following focus areas:

  1. Employment Pathways and Transitions – ensuring EVERYONE has an employment pathway (e.g those from low socio-economic status backgrounds, with a disability, Refugee and asylum seekers, youth)
  2. Supporting Job Retention-recognising the importance of support and problem solving of barriers to ensure ongoing employment


The following Grant Rounds are available related to this Program Area:

Grant Round Summary Status Key Dates
Innovation Grant Expression of Interest Provides grants of up to $175,000 over 3 years to test, demonstrate, trial or pilot a new concept; or support the expansion or scaling up an innovative, proven pilot program; 2019 Grant Round is now Closed. All applicants have been notified of their status and have been publicly announced. 2020 Grant Round is currently on hold while we make some adjustments to our Innovation Grants – we look forward to providing an update on the process and timeline by October 31, 2019.
Community Grants Provides grants to support the community service sector and includes support for service delivery (up to $30,000), organisational capacity building (up to $30,000), and capital works and equipment (up to $10,000). 2019 Grant Round is now CLOSED. All applicants have been notified of their status and have been publicly announced. 2020 Grant Round will open 2 March 2020  and close 16 April 2020.