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Program Areas

The Give Where You Live Foundation provides grant awards in three major program areas, each addressing an aspect disadvantage in our region:

Health and Wellbeing

This program aims to improve social inclusion and access, and physical and mental health. Focus areas include:

  • Healthy Ageing
  • Living with a disability
  • Reducing risky choices
  • Life crises

Live and Learn

This program aims to provide educational opportunities as a pathway out of disadvantage. Focus areas include:

  • School readiness
  • Disengaged young people
  • Education training and/or employment pathways

Survive and Thrive

This program aims to contribute to basic levels of economic security including food shelter, pharmacy and household goods. Focus areas include:

  • Homelessness and housing support
  • Financial skills and ongoing financial strategies
  • Regional emergency relief and basic food security

View our 2017 Community Grant Recipients here.