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Frequently Asked Questions

The Questions immediately below pertain to how the Give Where You Live Organisation is handling the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. 

Is the Give Where You Live Foundation still operating?
For now, the Give Where You Live Foundation is continuing to operate as per normal with some exceptions.

Is the Give Where You Live Office still open?
Our office at 18 Myers Street, Geelong is closed for now however you can still contact us via Phone: (03) 5229 4364 or via email at give@givewhereyoulive.com.au.

Will you still be providing grants to community partners?
Yes, we will. We understand the substantial pressure that our community partners are under and we are working on solutions that will expedite the grants process – so you can continue to operate and support the community at this crucial time.

Are financial donations helpful to the Give Where You Live Foundation at the moment?
They are vital. Like many community service organisations, we have seen donations dwindle. Many of the events that we rely on to generate revenue have been cancelled, and we have seen a big reduction in donations as people struggle with under and unemployment. If you have the capacity please donate here – your generosity will help countless community organisations across Greater Geelong keep their lights on and help our most vulnerable at their time of need.

Have you had to lay off staff? 
No. Our staff are vital to our operations as a community service organisation and extremely valuable to us. We consider it important to support them not only for the amazing community work they do but also as a compassionate employer.


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How long has the Give Where You Live Foundation been operating?

The Give Where You Live Foundation was established in 1954 as the Geelong and District Community Chest. It then become United Way in 1983 and in 2011 disaffiliated with United Way and became the independent body of Give Where You Live Inc.

Who does Give Where You Live Foundation help?

The Give Where You Live Foundation helps those in need in our community who are fighting the affects of disadvantage on a daily basis.  The Foundation delivers programs such as GROW, Feed Geelong and our  makes annual grants to community organisations working to alleviate disadvantage in our region.

What is the grants process?

The Give Where You Live Foundation raises funds from within the Geelong community and allocates them on an annual basis via best practice, open and transparent grant allocation processes. The funds are directed to programs targeting those most in need in the Geelong region.

The Give Where You Live Foundation is a local, autonomous not-for-profit organisation, with our own volunteer board of directors who are locals and have an understanding of the issues facing our region.

Why donate to the Give Where You Live Foundation?

Your donation stays in our community and supports projects exclusively within the Geelong /G21 region.
Your donation multiplies your giving power: with a single donation you’ll be supporting over 70 community organisations and assisting thousands within our community who are doing it tough.

How does the Give Where You Live Foundation allocate donations?

The Give Where You Live Foundation allocates grants on an annual basis via a best practice and transparent grants allocation process.

To be eligible for funding, the organisation must provide services in the Greater Geelong region making a difference via a health, education or income support program. The Give Where You Live Foundation does not fund organisations, rather it supports programs, provides equipment and organisational capacity;.

How do I know that my donation will help those who need it most?

The money raised and distributed by the Give Where You Live Foundation is carefully invested in local programs run by local community partners. Each organisation has to establish a proof of need and each year review requests for program funding accordingly. Your donation reaches over 54 organisations delivering programs to assist those most in need in the Geelong / G21 region.

Can I donate goods, such as furniture?

The Give Where You Live Foundation cannot accept donations of goods such as furniture. We suggest you contact Encompass Home Start on (03) 5248 0498.

Can I volunteer for Give Where You Live?

The Give Where You Live Foundation is always looking for volunteers to assist at our Fundraising Events. Please see our current volunteering opportunities or register to become a volunteer.

The Give Where You Live Foundation can act as a conduit between corporate and individuals and volunteering opportunities within the community. Please let us know the details of your group and volunteering desires and we will attempt to partner you with a community organisation in need.

Why the change from United Way?

The Give Where You Live Foundation disaffiliated from United Way in 2011 to ensure that all funds raised by the Geelong community remained in the Geelong region helping Geelong’s most disadvantaged people.

If you have any further questions, please contact us.