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Give Where You Live Foundation and The Funding Network

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

The Federal Mills Park, North Geelong
5:30pm arrival for a 6pm start

The Give Where You Live Foundation have partnered with The Funding Network to run an exciting  live crowd source fundraising event on Tuesday, 17 April 2018.  It’s a little bit like a TEDx meets Shark Tank! Take a look at the video below for a sense of what the night is all about!

It is a new concept for us but a growing way of fundraising. Essentially three organisations will make a pitch on the night (which includes food and drinks) and then our MC engages the audience to pledge funds to each organisation. The idea is to raise approximately $10,000 to $15,000 per organisation.

A unique way of fundraising, we will help showcase three remarkable organisations making a difference in the local Geelong/G21 community: The Power in You Project, Ocean Mind and Norlane Community Initiatives.

We’re also thrilled to have ABC’s Compass film on the night!

Come along, hear from three community organisations who will share their stories and be prepared to help raise some funds!

Registration is complimentary. Please register here with all names and email addresses of attendees.

About our presenters:

Project #1: Power in You Project

The Power In You Project exists to support and empower individuals batting addiction in the Geelong community to achieve lasting change in their lives. After identifying a gap in the system for people waiting to go into rehab and those that have returned from rehab, Power In You was developed to fill that gap and enable participants to re-engage with the community. They are seeking funding to grow their existing program and provide a supportive environment for people coming out of residential rehabilitation or intensive programs.



Meet the presenter: Kane Nuttall, Program Director
After 12 years of experiencing challenges with substance abuse, Kane has taken the fight against addiction into his own hands. After witnessing first-hand critical gaps in services available for people suffering addiction, Kane has used his lived experience to form the basis of his rehabilitation programs and provide holistic support to others, ensuring no one else in the Geelong community falls through these gaps.


Project #2: Ocean Mind

Ocean Mind provides therapeutic surf courses for young people experiencing mental health issues, social isolation and/or disabilities’. By using a mix of evidence-based surf therapy and mentoring courses, they create a therapeutic environment for young people to challenge themselves, improve resilience and self-confidence, and strengthen relationships with family friends and the broader community. They are seeking funding for surfboards, wetsuits and a van to enable the organisation to become a financially independent social enterprise.

Meet the presenter: Rachael Parker, Founder
With over ten years’ experience working with children and young people, Rachael is passionate about the power of outdoor environments to create positive experiences. She founded Ocean Mind to connect young people with nature, community and mentors, and empower them to build self-confidence and capability to transcend challenges in their lives.


Project #3: Norlane Community Initiatives

There is an urgent need for access to affordable, nutritious food in the Norlane area. Developed by the community, for the community Norlane Community Initiatives works to address these community needs including social isolation, family support, food insecurity, health and wellbeing. They are seeking funding to employ an experienced community cultivator to empower locals to engage, develop and deliver food security initiatives including a food cooperative.


Meet the presenter: Simon Reeves, CEO
Simon is passionate about creating healthy, sustainable and inclusive neighbourhoods. Through their work at Norlane Community Initiatives, Simon and his wife, Kaylene, are committed to cultivating the Geelong community and providing a place where can connect and belong.


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