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Community Grants

The community sector plays an important role in delivering needed services to those who are most vulnerable in the wider Geelong region as it relates to our Education, Employment Support and Life Crisis grant program areas.

While our Community Grants seek to support the sector broadly as it relates to the three program areas we recognise that organisations in the sector are diverse, varying in history, size, scope and funding needs. As a result, we provide three different kinds of Community Grants all of which ultimately support improved service delivery and hence impact in the community:

  • Capacity Building Grants – these 18 month grants of up to $30,000 support building the internal capacity of organisations so that they can be more efficient and effective.
  • Capital Works and Equipment Grants – these 12 month grants of up to $10,000 support minor capital works and equipment purchases that support program delivery.
  • Service Delivery Grants – these 12 month grants of up to $30,000 support operational support, delivery of an existing service, expansion of a service or the creation of a new service.

You can learn about the current Community Grants awarded in August 2020 online here 

If you have any questions about eligibility, suitable grant requests, the application process or the online application form please contact the Grants Team via email or phone (03) 5229 4364