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Give Where You Live Branding

The Give Where You Live brand is available for use by our corporate and community partners and can be downloaded from this page.

We ask that you abide by the brand guidelines below when using the logo and forward any artwork featuring the logo to Give Where You Live for final approval.

The Give Where You Live geometric symbol is strong and bold in its simplicity which is positive for recognition during the lifetime of the logo. The ‘G’ symbol represents the word ‘Give’ as well as ‘Geelong’. It is stylised from black letter stencil type to depict a house which ties in the word ‘live’. The directional nature of the G symbol points off into a rising axis which represents growth and prosperity.

Branding Guidelines

These guidelines should be used when a Community Partner wishes to acknowledge funding from Give Where You Live.

The guidelines set parameters for the use of Give Where You Live’s logo as well as acceptable funding acknowledgement copy.

Please provide Give Where You Live with a copy of the acknowledgement where possible.

  • Download the Give Where You Live branding guidelines
  • Download the Give Where You Live logo