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The 2020 Loaned Executive Program – What’s in it for you?

July 21, 2020

Every year the Loaned Executive program plays a pivotal part in the Give Where You Live Foundation’s Workplace Giving program – which is now more important than ever in addressing disadvantage in our community.

This year will also see the first-ever Loaned Executive Program delivered digitally across seven weeks (2 weeks of training with an additional 5 weeks for the program) and will involve a series of Zoom meetings and self-directed learning.


But why would you become a Loaned Executive and what’s really in it for you?

Well here are the top three reasons to become a Loaned Executive in 2020.


1.    It’s a unique professional development opportunity

With the job market more volatile than ever, now is the perfect time to sharpen your resume. The Loaned Executive program can be the ‘wow’ factor that your CV needs.

When you finish training you’ll set out on a 5-week journey, providing virtual presentations to your own work teams and local organisations, while encouraging local workers to sign up to the Workplace Giving Program.

You’ll gain public speaking skills, learn to stand out and fine-tune your sales ability.


2.    You’ll connect with like-minded professionals.

In its 54 year history, the Loaned Executive Program has seen more than 1,500 participants involved in assisting your community.

If you’re a driven and passionate person, we want you to join this special club! You’ll be able to network with like-minded professionals and organisations that have the same drive as you, to make the Geelong community a better place.


3.    Gain an insight into the real issues affecting the Geelong community

You’ll gain an understanding of the issues affecting those living with the day to effects of disadvantage across the wider Geelong community and meet the people who are doing something about it.  You’ll immerse yourself in the world of the Give Where You Live Foundation by becoming one of the team and gain a deeper understanding of need in our community.

Best of all, you will be doing something to help, and that feels really good and is an opportunity for you to give back.


So what are you waiting for?

Applications are now open for the 2020 Loaned Executive Program!

You can apply by contacting Sheridan Salmon, General Manager: Marketing & Fundraising via email at or calling (03) 5229 4364.

For more information about this years program visit our 2020 Loaned Executive page here.