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Drysdale Family Support and their Foodbank Program

July 24, 2020

Many families in the Geelong region are facing tough times.

A shrinking local economy has meant that many families are struggling to afford food and provide for their families. Drysdale Family Support spoke to us about the challenges facing families in our region.

“Recently a new client attended the program. Their family was in desperate need of food. Both parents had good jobs but were employed on a casual basis and both found themselves out of work at the same time. While continuing to look for work their resources were depleted and their debt level became very high.”

Thankfully Drysdale Family Support has been helping those across the Bellarine Peninsula experiencing food insecurity, including their new clients.

“They found out about the program and have been attending for a number of weeks. The family have a number of food intolerances and were able to find suitable options at the program. There has been a real change in them personally as the stress of not having food, of how to provide for their children, has been lifted. While still looking for work, they are emotionally and physically in a much better place and feeling much more secure.”

Drysdale Family Support Foodbank is a pantry program that provides food to people experiencing food insecurity on the Bellarine Peninsula. 

Thanks to our donors, The Give Where You Live Foundation was proud to present Drysdale Family Support Foodbank with a Grant of $30,000 to aid with the continuation of this very necessary program. This year Drysdale Family Support are on track to provide over 1400 food parcels, each containing approximately five days of groceries for their clients. 160 different clients will be assisted over the course of the year, impacting some 400 people.