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Jenny & the Aviary Cafe

May 25, 2020

[Original story published by Humans in Geelong]

Jenny’s life revolves around her kids. She’s a single mum raising her 6 kids in Norlane. For Jenny, the prospect of finding work is difficult, and while she has developed numerous skills through motherhood over the past 22 years, her resume is poor.

The fact that Jenny is lonely and socially isolated further diminish her hopes of finding employment through connections.

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Sadly, Jenny’s situation is not a unique one in Norlane. One in five people in the neighbourhood experience regular unemployment – a problem often exacerbated by social isolation.

Luckily, there are organisations like The Aviary Cafe, a social enterprise of Norlane Community Initiatives. The Aviary Cafe helps people like Jenny, and those experiencing long-term unemployment through skills development and workplace experience. In their first year of operation, Owner-Operators Kaylene (pictured) and Simon Reeves established 6 new jobs, 30 volunteer and work experience placements.

The cafe has also served more than 10,000 customers meals of high nutritional quality. For people like Jenny who are experiencing social isolation, the cafe offers a connection point to the rest of the community. On the days that Jenny doesn’t volunteer at the cafe she still comes into the cafe for the sense of community that it brings.

Your donations have helped The Give Where You Live Foundation in our support of the Aviary Cafe and enabled us to provide a $27, 433 Pitch Up grant to support the Aviary in its mission to provide confidence, skills and work experience to assist those in Norlane in finding employment.

Thank you from all of us at Give Where You Live, your donations have helped Jenny and the Aviary Cafe.

Pictured: Kaylene Reeves