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Give Time – A tribute to our volunteers

May 19, 2020

This week is National Volunteer Week. Today also happens to be the International Giving Tuesday’s ‘Give Time’ day.

More than any other time of the year it is a time to celebrate those who donate their time and energy into making our community a stronger and ultimately, better place.

At the most recent estimate volunteers contributed more than $43 billion worth of labour to causes right across the country.

We know that here in Geelong there are 4.5 volunteers per paid staff member providing food assistance (across the Geelong Food Assistance Network) right now in our community. The importance of these volunteers is underscored by the fact that 46% of these organisations are seeing an increase in the number of clients seeking food assistance in the past 12 months.

For the Give Where You Live Foundation volunteers provide the cornerstone of our entire mission. Without volunteer support, many of our community partners that we rely on so much to address problems relating to disadvantage in the Geelong region wouldn’t be able to function.

Simply put, we need them. Now more than ever. 

This extends to volunteers within own organisation – which relies just as heavily on volunteers.

We have volunteers in our office, at our events, those who take part in our loaned executive program, our grant review panellists, the Foundation’s Board and those who traditionally volunteer on our E&S Golf Day organising committee. These volunteers contributed more than 2,133 hours towards helping our Foundation tackle the effects of disadvantage in our community.

So, on behalf of the Give Where You Live Foundation if you volunteer your time and energy towards making the Geelong Community (or anywhere else) a better place – Thank you. Today is about celebrating you.