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Building a stronger community #GPAK

April 3, 2020

What will the impact of the Coronavirus crisis be on our community? 

The Foundation’s hope is that we come through together as a stronger community, that we maintain our connections, that we support each other and pull each through.  That we allow for the kindness to shine through.

How will we do this?  With Geelong’s Purposeful Acts of Kindness #GPAK

 We invite you to join the Foundation’s latest program which provides our community with a platform for sharing the good, the kindness that is shining through the darkness, a platform to showcase how you can help your community, and for our region’s businesses to promote their current offerings and services.  There are also links and resources to assist those in need whether it be with food, mental health, accommodation or financial assistance.

When talking about GPAK, Foundation CEO Bill Mithen says, “It feels like the right thing for us to do,’’ Bill says. “This is all about our relationship with our community. We hold a very privileged position and we’re very lucky to hold that position. And we hold that position carefully and gently, but it also comes with a responsibility.’’ We see that our responsibility at this point in time is to keep our community connected and strong.

Join the conversation and get on board here  and read all about us in the online at Philanthropy Australia