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Keeping our Community Connected

April 27, 2020 If our community is to thrive it is important to promote community connections. We know that connections matter. That strong ties with family, friends,...

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Emergency Grants –funding the front line

April 23, 2020  The Give Where You Live Foundation has issued emergency grants to eight key organisations that are delivering vital services during this time of crisis....

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Finding Support during Covid-19

April 20, 2020 The Give Where You Live Foundation is collecting and collating information, resources and services that can support you through the current crisis. Whether you...

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The Fallacy of Perpetuity – a time to focus on mission

April 15, 2020 The Fallacy of Perpetuity, Bill Mithen CEO: Give Where You Live Foundation  Now, right now, is the time when regulators and trustees of charitable...

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Building a stronger community #GPAK

April 3, 2020 What will the impact of the Coronavirus crisis be on our community?  The Foundation’s hope is that we come through together as a stronger...

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