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Giving every baby a fair chance

April 16, 2019

A double pram allows a young mum to safely take her two small children along with her during day to day activities, such as, going to the park to interact with other mums and children or going to doctors appointments. A cot gives a newly born infant an opportunity to have a comfortable and safe place to sleep in, along with readily available nappies and formula. For all new parents, the opportunity to settle into their lifestyle without having to stress about the inability to provide for their baby is important.

Thanks to your donations, a $10,000 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation allows Geelong Mums to help reduce isolation and increase safety by providing fundamental essentials such as, car seats, cots, high chairs, prams and clothing for every vulnerable baby, child and family in the G21 region.

Geelong Mums are an organisation that aim to support families in need whilst saving the environment by rehoming valuable resources for babies and children. They envision a future with less waste by sharing resources and caring for every child.

Last financial year, Geelong Mums provided essential material aid to over 6100 babies and children. Your donations helped provide aid to hundreds of families who were experiencing a disadvantage. For households that may suffer from minimal income due to a job loss, people facing homelessness, victims fleeing from domestic violence or single parents, they are given the opportunity to reach out to Geelong Mums for support and assistance in times of need.