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Ensuring every baby has a chance

May 1, 2018

Through your donations, a $29,849 grant from the Give Where You Live Foundation has been able to assist Geelong Mums to improve safety and reduce isolation for disadvantaged babies, children and their families through the provision of material aid including cots/mattresses, car restraints, prams, clothing and other essentials.

The vision of Geelong Mums is to waste less, share more and care for every child. Geelong Mums does this by re-homing pre-loved nursery goods like cots to support families in need in our community. Geelong Mums works with more than 600 social workers across 80 organisations who assess the needs of families and then request and collect items from the warehouse.

A note from the team at Geelong Mums:

Recently Geelong Mum’s have been able to support a family where there is little income because there has been a job loss. When families face this life crisis we can’t thank you enough for your donations, and support that allows us to respond with essentials they need. The difference you make by providing items like prams, clothing, nappies and wipes means that what little money there is can be spent on keeping a roof over their heads and food on the table. Thanks to you the impact of this disadvantage is not further exacerbated by this family becoming homeless, they deserve not to have faced the unthinkable of choosing between food and nappies or paying the rent. Families can focus on strengthening their position, finding that new job and becoming financially strong again. Thanks to you we can work in so many ways with social workers to provide support.

Thanks to you more than 4,000 babies and children have received support this year!