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Providing better outcomes for newly arrived refugees

September 4, 2017

Through your donations, newly arrived refugees are settling into our community better with the implementation of evidence based programming and improved outcome evaluations at Diversitat.

In 2016, Diversitat received a grant of $29,660 from the Give Where You Live Foundation to give their Settlement and Community team members the opportunity to participate in training that will enable them to better support new arrivals from a refugee background to reach their full potential. An essential part of this training included the development of a Theory of Change to guide all current and future projects as well as training in client lead and participatory development, as well as the monitoring and evaluation of programs.

With Diversitat currently supporting over 1600 refugees within the region, the Diversitat team members involved in the training stated they were excited to put their new learnings into action through “thinking more broadly around client participation opportunities”, “trying different methods of client involvement” and “improved inclusion of clients in project planning, implementing and monitoring and evaluation processes”.

With the purpose of strengthening the organisation’s ability to provide quality settlement outcomes for newly arrived refugees, Diversitat provides innovative and high quality responses to the changing needs of a culturally diverse community to develop their potential and fulfil their aspirations as equal members of the community.

Serving the Geelong community for 40 years, Diversitat delivers a range of services including: settlement, training, youth programs, financial counselling, disability and aged support. Diversitat also operates Wholefoods Café, Pulse radio and TV and various events including the famous Pako Festa.