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A generational commitment

September 10, 2014

Give Where You Live is proud to welcome Elly Hanlon as part of the 2014 Loaned Executive team and the first ever Loaned Executive from
local, family owned business Hanlon Industries. Reflecting on her journey as a Loaned Executive so far she says “I am not even two weeks into the program yet and I already feel as though I have learnt so much. I am in shock at how naive I was about the amount of support services available in Geelong, and even more so of the immense demand for these services.”

Elly’s mother Teresa was a Loaned Executive in 2007 and encouraged her daughter to join the program “My mum was a Loaned Executive and she suggested that I get involved in the program, as I researched the role description I became increasingly interested and my desire to join the program grew.”
Elly is one of the youngest members of this year’s Loaned Executive team and states “I think that our generation has become accustomed to taking from our community without understanding the need to give back. Through the Loaned Executive Program I hope to gain a better understanding of what it means to be an active member of my

“This is the biggest opportunity that I have ever had to give back to my immediate community in an active, meaningful and valuable way. It’s not very often that we get the chance to take time out from our eventful lives to actively support our local area, so I am taking this time now as a gift, it really does mean an incredible amount to me”.

Loaned Executives generously balance their role with their day to day work life. Please consider inviting one of the Loaned Executive to visit your workplace to promote Workplace Giving.
For further information please contact Leigh Johnston leigh@givewhereyoulive.com.au or phone 5229 4364.