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Vision Australia Radio

February 3, 2014

Vision Australia is a leading provider of blindness and low vision services. Vision Australia Radio is one of the services provided by Vision Australia that seeks to address the social disadvantages that people who are blind or have low vision experience in their daily lives.

Give Where You Live granted $20,000 to Vision Australia Radio Geelong to ensure that the community of people who are unable to access print material in standard form are provided a balance of local news, current affairs, entertainment and practical information for the Geelong region.

Alan McKenny (pictured) is the Steering Committee Convenor for Vision Australia Radio Geelong. Alan is a passionate and committed radio volunteer, presenter and panel operator, and as someone with vision loss, knows how important the station is to listeners. Alice Hart, for whom the radio became a “lifeline” when she returned home after fracturing her pelvis says  “It is important that I keep informed so I can continue living on my own. Vision Australia Radio keeps me orientated and informed. It cheers me up and helps me get to sleep at night; it makes a difference to me everyday. The information helps me make choices – whether it’s knowing the weather forecast or knowing about a funeral, it’s all important to me.”